Shedir for Allie-Girl

SHEDIR is finally finished for my baby-girl, Allison. I purchased the yarn for it 13 months ago and it has been in and out of the knitting basket since then. So, here it is - belated 20th birthday gift, belated 2006 Christmas gift, belated 21st birthday gift. It wasn’t a difficult pattern once my mind finally got a hold of it but it also was not a very relaxing knit.

I used Jaegar Matchmaker DK for the yarn in a color that ALWAYS looks fantastic on my girl. Hats look much better on her than they do on me. I’ll have to have her model it when she is home for Christmas.

Allison - the sunshine of our family and the one who can ALWAYS make me feel better when I am sad. I know she must be a ray of sunshine to all her pediatric patients.