Nordic Mittens Cross Finish Line!

My second Nordic Mitten crossed the finish line last night as I watched the closing 2008 Olympic Ceremonies resulting in a finished pair of woolen mittens.

They fit my hand which pleases me. They will be nice and warm as I weather the Colorado snows. As I mentioned in my last post, the only thing that displeases me is the background color behind the large star motif. Incidentally, this star motif is known in Norway as an "eight blade rose".

I enjoyed knitting these.....everything except the thumb decreases. Keeping the yarn in pattern was tedious to say the least. I'm not sure but there may be a bit of an error on the patterned thumb chart.

I ripped one row four times and it still did not turn out right. Of course it is probably me and not the chart.

The sad news is that I did not actually get awarded with a metal in the 2008 Ravelympics. I thought I would wait until this morning to take finished photos and then post them on the Ravelympic finish lines but the WIP Wrestling Event closed last night. I guess I will just have to pat myself on the back and know that I can knit mittens for this is my first pair. And, now I know I can push through an old project if I put my mind to it. Crossing these mittens off my WIP list has definitely inspired me to dig through my baskets and find some more old projects that should be finished.