Fruit Hat Trio

I have had this adorable Ann Norling Fruit Hat pattern for a couple years now. When my niece's newborn outgrew the outfit that I procrastinated mailing, I decided it was about time to knit her a cute little fruit hat.

When I discovered how much fun this pattern was to knit, I decided all THREE of her little munchkins needed their own fruit hats! Perhaps I will become the eccentric great-aunt in our family knitting all the children fruit hats because this pattern is FUN to knit!

Maybe I have eccentricity on my mind because I knit these whilst watching a few Agatha Christie Miss Marple movies. Did you know that Jane Marple was a knitter? There were several comments made throughout the movies drawing attention to this fact. At any rate, I'm not quite as old as Miss Marple but I am acquiring numerous great nephews and great neices that need their wee heads covered. Unfortunately, most of them live in warmer southern climates.
Please forgive the mishapen appearance of these hats. I tried taking photos of them on top of toilet paper rolls but those ended up looking like toilet paper covers instead of hats. I'm sure they will look quite delightful when worn on the noggins they were intended for. I'm hoping their mother will send me a photograph!