Koolhaus for Christmas

I had a few false starts on this lovely pattern found in the 2007 Interweave Holiday Knits. The yarn used is Moda Dea Washable Wool which I initially had some doubts about. But I wasn’t too far along into the pattern when quickly decided it was quite suitable for this pattern.

Koolhaus was designed by Brooklyntweed (Jared) and is another of his ingenius designs. Actually, love every single thing he shows us on his blog, his tastes are sublime! In fact, a couple times I thought about knitting only the things he knits for one year but I quickly abandoned that idea……a little bit too much like stalking for my tastes. But seriously, if you have never read Jared’s blog you should hop on over to it.

I enjoyed knitting this Christmas present and will probably knit another Koolhaus. I’m glad I stuck it out with this pattern. My careless mistakes caused me to frog twice in the beginning. I have now completed another item for the TOP 10 STASH PROJECTS KAL!