Frogged Cable & Rib Socks

Two more weeks before the Knitting on the Road knitalong starts a new sock. Two more weeks before the Six Socks knitalong starts a new sock. So what am I doing? Frogging a pair of socks I just finished while traveling and learning how to knit, not one, but TWO socks on TWO circulars.

My Cable and Rib Socks (from latest Interweave magazine) did not come out as I had hoped. I think I may have knit the second pair on a different size dpn and, I discovered that I cannot do toe decreases while talking to my sister-in-law in the airport! I decided to bite the bullet and FROG. I'n tired of my socks coming out different lengths, different sizes etc. and want to learn this 2socks2cir method. It's working well.....I will probably never knit on dpns again. I'll post a picture soon.