A Swatchin We Will Go

A cold day, a warm fire, 2 sticks and a ball......

My Peruvian Highland yarn in "russet" arrived yesterday from Elann and I immediately started swatching for the FLAK sweater. Swatching is a tedious task and I usually avoid it but NOT THIS TIME.

I swatched the Moss Filler Stitch on size 7 (4.5mm) needles yesterday. This morning I gave it a cold water delicate wash in the machine and laid it out on a towel to dry. It has only been drying an hour and I can tell already it is GROWING! And 'this is why we swatch' I tell my reluctant fingers! I guess this will be a great day to swatch....I'll start the next swatch on my new rosewood size 6 (4.25mm) needles. I'm hoping I will get gauge on these beauties because they are a pure pleasure to hold.

It is sooooooo cold outside! Check out the themometer. We just had a light dusting of snow last night but the windchill is a killer!

My Cascade 220 in Amethyst is supposed to be arriving soon. I couldn't decide betweeen the two most popular yarns for the FLAK knitalong so, of course, yours truely had to buy both of them. I'm excited about knitting this Aran sweater in installments. I don't think it will be a problem that I'm a latecomer to the knitalong for I'm hoping to catch up.