What's This? Snow? In April?

It wouldn't be Springtime in the Rockies without it! We woke up to a nice dusting of snow - maybe an inch and a half. We desparately need the precipitation.

A nice day for working on these UKP's (Unfinished Knitting Project) or more likely, my poor neglected and forsaken Koigu Socks. I started these last October! Allison really likes the yarn so they are probably destined for her footsies.

It's also a good day to work on KALEIDOSCOPES. Need to scan pics onto some Powerpoint slides and get my Mother's Day Tea opening written and polished. The Kaleidoscope is how I will draw my audience into the multi-faceted attributes of God. I have ba-zillion ideas in my head that I need to get down on paper this week....I just need to take the plunge and then there will be no stopping me....I will be totally immersed.