Sensational Sock Progress

Guess it is time to post some sock progress information! I am knitting the Baby Cable Rib pattern out of Sensational Knitted Socks. It is a four-stitch ribbing pattern made with Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, my favorite yarn.

This is the first time I have used a garter-flap selvage. I was skeptical at first and even more so when it was hard to see where I needed to pick up stitches along the selvage. But....I have to admit...the gusset decreases turned out better than on any of my previous socks. And, by using Charlene Schurch's troubleshooting tips on how to avoid the gap at the top of the gusset, I have eliminated the problem that has often plagued many of my socks --- that gusset hole! This sock has no gaps, no holes, no loose gusset....I love this book!

These socks are going in the Christmas 2006 Box and the foot recipient will not be revealed (sly grin).

I'm madly trying to finish these so I can be ready to knit my TREK WITH ME socks when the yarn arrives :-)