Let The Trekking Begin

June 1st, the official starting date of TREK ALONG WITH ME, is here! From the map on the site it looks like there are 225 trekkers from all across the United States participating.

My beautiful Trekking XXL, the required yarn, has arrived in its lovely shades of purple, so I can cast on and start knitting. I am really hem-hawing on which sock pattern to use. I keep going back to the Columbine Peak pattern in Cat Borhdi's book. It just seems to fit the theme of this TREK. I picked the purple shades to represent our Columbine state flower here in Colorado. The "mountainous" lace pattern of Columbine Peak seems to call out to me -- the Rocky Mountains!

I live up in the Rocky Mountains in a log home so finding a trail won't be a problem for me. We have many pretty hikes in the area and even the walk down to the mailbox can qualify. The mile down is pretty easy but it is quite a hike back home. Our mailbox is down at the entrance to our neighborhood. Our elevation here is 9,035.

So......get ready for the TREK ALONG WITH ME because I'll be posting hiking pictures all summer! And, if you want to see the hikes other participants are taking, you can click on the button in my sidebar.