What toys did you like to play with when you were a child?

Here I am in Falls Church, Virginia in 1963 or 1964 with my three brothers and my beloved TINY THUMBELINA doll. I loved her for many years!

Ideal Toy Corp. made the original Thumbelina dolls in the 1960's and '70's, in 14 in. size (Tiny Thumbelina) and 20 in. size (Thumbelina). The first dolls had a knob on their backs and when wound up they gently wriggled. Later versions of the doll had criers and pull strings and were also made in 17 in. and 9 in. sizes.

Thumbelina dolls had cloth stuffed bodies, vinyl arms, legs, and head, with painted eyes. My Thumbelina had a wind up plastic or wooden knob on her back that , when wound, would make her head rock gently sideways.

I think dolls have come a long way since my Tiny Thumblina but, undoubtedly, the love little girls have for their dollies remains constant.

I don't know what ever happened to my Tiny Thumbelina. When my sister-in-law died a few years ago I discovered that she had a Tiny Thumbelina amongst her prize possessions. Here is her doll posing in this picture. Amazingly, when I wound her up her head still gently rocks side to side!