4th of July - Gore Mountain Range Hike

On the Fourth of July, I set out for a nice hike with my brother-in-law and husband in the Gore Mountain Range (Rocky Mountains).

The weather was simply gorgeous, the skies were clear but the bugs were out celebrating! I was surprised by this because there just are not that many bugs in this state. Yes, I know that sounds odd but I've lived in plenty of other states where I've donned the ole insect repellant to go hiking and here I just don't do that.

The wildflowers were in full splendor, especiall the Columbines and the Shooting Stars. We passed several glens full of Columbines but the lighting was too dim for pictures. I don't think I had ever seen so many clumped together in one spot before. Can you see the fly on this Columbine flower?

My brother-in-law was very talkative telling us tales of his many hunting exploits in the areas. I asked him how he managed to get his game home once he shot it because this hike was not exactly an easy one and I couldn't imagine lugging a huge buck or elk out of there. He would often drag it all the way home, dress it in a nearby field and then hang it up in the barn. The cold temperatures would keep the meat fresh until he got it to the meat processor. Hmmmm.....still not sure I want to feast on deer or elk meat!

The views from the top were awesome! The pictures don't even begin to do them justice. My mind was flooded with scenes from the Sound of Music where Maria sings that famous song ' The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music'. And, my heart was filled with praise to God for creating such beauty.