St. Brigid Gauge Swatch

I finished the gauge swatch for St. Brigid this morning. Using 4.25mm, 4.5mm and 5.0mm needles, I was able to achieve gauge on a US 7 needle. This is the same size needle used in the St. Brigid pattern so I was surprised when my gauge matched theirs with the same needle size - I usually have to adjust the needle size.

The next step is my cable swatch where I try out all the cable stitches used in the pattern. This will give me an opportunity to practice the stitches before starting the sweater, as well as letting me see how wide my sweater will be. If it is too wide, then I will go down a size.

I cut out all the charts and taped them to my trusty 'magnetic' board - an old cookie sheet. This is when the fun starts! So far I have been pleased with how the Cascade 220 is handling. Next, let's see how it looks in my 94 st cable swatch.