Did Someone Say it was Spring?

Did someone say it was spring? I am almost certain someone was talking about daffodils, blooming fruit trees and tulips. It wasn't me! While the rest of the country is experiencing the rain that brings pretty flowers and green grass, I am experiencing snow. I'm glad so many of you post your pretty flower pictures since it brightens my day and helps me endure the next couple months of Rocky Mountain snow.

The great thing about SPRING SNOW is that one day it looks like this at said given time:
The very next day, at the same given time, it looks like this:

Six inches of snow here one day and six inches of snow gone the next!

My oldest daughter is not taking her spring break with her sister in Florida but instead is with us this week. It is WONDERFUL to have her home albeit a short visit...any visit beats no visit! During yesterday's blizzard, Jennifer and I stayed warm by a roaring fire knitting our socks and watching Sense and Sensibility. We love our Jane Austen movies and never tire of watching them!

I was able to finish my Uptown Socks from my newly purchased Favorite Socks. They will be in the mail tomorrow heading to my Sockret Pal. I hope they fit her foot and she likes them. It has been hard to shop for her because she is none other than The Loopy Ewe. She has everything! The best thing about finishing up this long Sockret Swap is that I can finally go shopping in her store for as you all know - SOCK YARN DOESN'T COUNT! Now I'm ready to dedicate my sock knitting to my Monkey Pal and get her Monkey Pal Socks knit. We are having lots of fun with this swap! I picked out this lovely Cherry Tree Hill supersock yarn for this fun sock pattern. I wonder if I was dreaming of tropical climates and the Caribbean when I spotted this color?