Settling One Graduate in TN

After the graduation we headed north to Tennessee to settle our oldest in her apartment. Tennessee is SO GREEN and BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Can I move, too? Her company put us up in a beautiful golf club conference center for four days whilst she unpacked. Now I must admit, this mother never envisioned her first born child someday working at a chemical plant. I don't know what I thought Chemical Engineers did but I sure didn't think the worksite would look like this.......... Question.... aren't chemicals dangerous? DD tells me the corporate offices were deliberately placed immediatey downwind from the most dangerous process on site to make a statement to all employees that this was a safe site. I guess that makes me feel a teensy-weensy bit better. It makes me feel even better that DD will be working in the Process Controls group insuring that all these chemicals are processed safely. There are around 7,000 employees at this site. Did I already ask you this question ....aren't chemicals dangerous?