The Well-Dressed Knitting Bag

As I have been getting ready for the trip to attend my daughters' college graduation, I have been making sure my knitting bag has everything it needs. I haven't packed CLOTHES mind you! I always take care of the most important things first!

I'm sure all of your knitting bags vary as much as your personalities do. I'm going to show you what I think are the standard items a well-dressed knitting bag must have. Then, I want YOU to tell me if you have something in your bag that I don't have. BTW, I am contemplating this being the theme of a new future swap I want to host. I think I will call it THE WELL DRESSED KNITTING BAG SWAP. More details on that forthcoming.

I read somewhere that this is what a knitting bag ought to carry around. I don't have all these items which is why I'm thinking it might be a fun swap idea!

1. Yarn darner (I love the bent needle king but use both)
2. Small sharp scissors
3. Crochet hook
4. Stitch markers
5. Cable needles
6. Plastic seaming pins
7. Row counter
8. Blocking pins
9. Calculator
10. Tape measure
11. Small ruler
12. Needle gauge
13. Pen, pencil & highlighter
14. Sticky notes
15. Point protectors
16. Stitch holders

Which of these do think are absolutely essential? Which do you not see the necessity of?

Do you have a Well-Dressed Knitting bag? If not, stay tuned for a future swap!