Owl Package Delivered

A package arrived by owl today from one of my Hogwarts Sock Swap pals. The very talented Abigail, a.k.a 1870 Pearl, put together a very nice package in the midst of getting ready to move. For this I am especially grateful!

Abigail knit some lovely GRYFFINDOR Hogwarts Socks in GRYFFINDOR colors. Since they are anklets they will be perfect Birkenstock summer socks. She also included some Lantern Moon DPNs -- huzzah! huzzah! And, last but not least, some candy in GRYFFINDOR colors in a GRYFFINDOR tin. Thanks, Abigail!

As for me, the Hogwarts socks that I am knitting for my first Hogwart Pal will be finished soon. I am knitting these on 2 circular needles. Every once in a while I get a hankering to knit socks on circulars. However, my preferred sock knitting method is on double-point needles.
When I knit on 2 circulars, I often forget where I am in a pattern sequence, at the beginning or the end. Since I already need 2 stitch markers to mark where the heel gusset ends and the instep begins on each needle, I devised dual-purpose stitch markers. Each marker has either the #1 on it for 1rst needle or a #2 on it for second needle. I put one on one needle and the other on the second needle. Now I can knit mindlessly!