Land Ahoy!

Land ahoy! Don and I were more than ready to set foot ashore after six days at sea. The excitement of seeing land after days and days of only seeing ocean was thrilling. It made me appreciate all the more what our ancestors must have felt when it took them several weeks to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Manuevering into each port was an adventure and we were curious onlookers at each port of call, sometimes rising early in the morning to witness it. This blog post is just to capture the excitement of that part of cruising. My next blog post will be all about the city of Funchal (Madeira) that you see pictured behind me.

1. Land Ahoy!, 2. Love of My Life, 3. Secret Place, 4. Ship Manuevers, 5. Onlooking Hubby, 6. Emerald Princess Anchor, 7. Height Perspective, 8. Portside!, 9. Port Graffiti, 10. Portugese Sea Gulls, 11. Ponta do Pargo, 12. Pirates of the Mediterranean, 13. Walking into Funchal, 14. Don on Emerald Bow, 15. Emerald Princess, 16. Funchal, Portugal