Diamond Fantasy Shawl Commences

A couple weeks ago, when I was blog surfing, I spotted Ronnie's Diamond Fantasy Shawl and immediately loved it. Ronnie and I have had a friendship for several years now. I think it started back with my first Monkey Sock Swap. I personally picked her as my Monkey Pal because we shared a love of great classic literature, among many other things. Ronnie lives in England and my greatest love is British literature.

At any rate, after admiring her gorgeous Diamond Fantasy Shawl she surprised me by gifting me with my own copy of the pattern. Isn't she a sweetheart?

Despite promises to myself to NOT cast on anything new I could not resist. I thought I would just knit a few rows with some leftover Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn but had no idea how addicting lace knitting was! I think I am about to enter into the addiction of shawl knitting. Yep, looks like my sock drawer is full enough for a while.....

It is very difficult to take accurate photographs of anything red. This brilliant ruby colored yarn is stunning in real life but looks a little streaked in this photo.

I've finished one repeat of the shawl. I think I'm going to have to find some more yarn in this colorway because I absolutely love it.

Out of curiosity, how many of you put lifelines in your shawl? Do you think it is necessary if you are faithful to count the stitches after every row? This is my first shawl so I don't know these things. I've just been admiring all of YOUR shawls for years now.