Socktoberfest 2008

Lolly kicked off SocktoberFest IV last week. In past years I have turned out multitudes of socks during the month of October to celebrate; however this year I am limiting myself to only one pair. My sock drawer is full and I've decided that I need to limit my sock knitting.

I thought long and hard about what to knit for Soctoberfest.....that is, until I read that Kristy, of Through the Loops, was going to design a mystery sock in honor of Soctoberfest IV and release the instructions in installments. I immediately downloaded the first clue and knit the Mystery Cuff last week.

I think purple complements the Socktoberfest theme so I'm using some purple Koigu from my stash.

A new clue will come out each Wednesday. Since I want a completed pair by the end of the month I've opted for the two-socks-two-circs method. This is not my preference since I loathe the dreaded thread tangle.

If you are interested, head on over to Ravelry and join the Fans of Through the Loops group! I'm off to start knitting Clue 2!