Square Dance Fun

I forgot to post about the fun square dance Don and I went to last Friday night. It was hosted by a church that we have been helping out at here in the mountains. We had a professional square dance caller come in and he was terrific. Even if you didn't know how to square dance, like us for instance, it was easy to catch on. There were several people from the community who stopped by for the fun. It was held in a historic grange building so it seemed like we had stepped back in time.

Everyone brought a crockpot full of chili and that was fun in itselp.....trying everyone's special recipes. Foolish me...for some reason I thought GREEN chili was MILD. One of the guys brought his special green chili and , although it was delicious, I had fire coming out of my nose, ears and mouth....not to mention my watering eyes.

I've posted a picture of me with some of the ladies that come to my Bible study. We are studying the Book of Acts right now.

When I woke up Saturday morning muscles I didn't know I had were screaming out. I guess the Virginia Reel did me in; however it was EXCELLENT exercise. I wouldn't mind going to square dances every Friday night....that is, with these wonderful friends that have become so dear to me.