In the spirit of the 2006 Olympics, I signed up for the 2006 Knitting Olympics this morning. Yes, I know. ANOTHER knitalong!

The rules are pretty simple. You cast on February 10th during the Opening Ceremonies and you finish before the Olympic flame goes out February 26. That is 16 days to do a project of your choice. The project should be somewhat of a challenge to you .... possibly at a new skill level, or perhaps a push to make within the 16 day time period. If you are curious to see what other people are kntting you can click on the Olympic button on my sidebar. By the way, these knitters are from all over the world so they will be rooting for other countries.

I haven't quite decided what my Olympic challenge will be. I have been inspired by some of these FUN buttons created by Rose Kim Knits (Jessica):

Some options for me:
1. Knit the next Folk Sock Knitalong soon to be selected. It looks like the winner of the current poll will be using a fair isle technique.

2. Knit the next Vintage Sock Knitalong which is sure to be a lace sock.

3. Knit the Irish Scarf Knitalong scarf .... I've had the yarn and haven't been able to get around to it.

4. Knit a pair of Whitby Socks (KOTR) in patriotic (USA) colors.

Hmmmmmm.....what to do?