REFLECTION TUESDAY - What Mischievous Childhood Experience Do You Remember?

And, how did it affect you?

I really had to think long and hard about this one because I was not a very mischievous child! Instead, I was the quiet, shy bookworm who rarely talked to adults.

I had an aunt who really intimidated me. She was a perfectionist and one had to tow the line around her. One summer, when I was in the sixth grade, I spent six weeks at her house because her daughter was my favorite cousin.

One afternoon, after picking us up at the swimming pool, this aunt had several errands to run as we waited patiently in the car. I was famished from swimming all afternoon. I spyed a loaf of bread in a grocery bag and, when my aunt was in the next store, I took the "heel" off the loaf and ate it.

When we got home we helped her unload the groceries. She didn't notice the "missing heel" until later that day. I will never forget that moment when she exclamed,

"Well my goodness, this loaf of bread has no heel to it! "
Being the timid girl that I was, I offered no explanation. She went on and on about it. I suppressed giggles and then I suppressed fear when she started talking about returning the loaf with a complaint.

This story makes me smile today. I certainly am no longer the timid sort!