TOO EARLY For The Crags

Allison was home last week for Spring Break and she wanted to do some hiking. It wasn't too horribly cold so we thought we would hike the Crags. On our way over, Don discovered he had forgotten his wallet and so he pulled over to let Allison drive.....she barely knows how to drive a clutch! He wanted me to drive but I left my driver's license at home, too! Are we getting forgetful, or what?

The higher we drove in elevation, the icier and more snow-packed the roads became. I started to picture us going over a cliff with no identification to identify our poor frozen bodies come spring thaw!

We ended up parking down from the trailhead because the car couldn't make it up to the parking area. Don, being the trailblazer that he is, blazed on ahead while Allison and I gingerly picked our footing on the ice-packed trail. It wasn't long before our common sense told us it was foolish to continue. We took our disappointed college girl in tow back to the car but did get several lovely pics before heading home.