Writing All Day with Knitting Breaks

I worked all day yesterday, from 9 to 9, writing three days of study for Overflowing with Joy. I also designed the cover for it which I am quite pleased with. This study definitely has the "pretty" pages that we ladies appreciate as well as "meat" on those pretty pages.

Yes! That is a popcorn bowl on the table --- my staple food.

To stay on schedule, I must write one week each week for the next seven weeks. We will be starting in June. I believe we will be doing the study in the morning followed by lunch, and hopefully, our KNITTING CIRCLE in the afternoon!

Speaking of knitting, I took numerous breaks yesterday to knit my Denmark sock for the KOTR Knitalong. Because of the bright colors and the timing of the year, I'm calling mine EASTER EGG Denmark! This yarn is fun to knit with. I completed the cuff and finished the heel-flap. This morning I will turn the heel and start the gusset decreases.