Flash My Tea Stash

My adventure as a tea tottler started many years ago when my Austrailian friend brewed a pot of tea every time I came over for a visit. She taught me the "proper" way to pre-warm the pot, swirl the water...etc.

I fell in love with Black Current Tea and Royal Doulton's Old Country Rose China when we went to DisneyWorld ten years ago. I started collecting the china when I got home and now have two Old Country Rose Teapots. My Mom gave me the large pot and my hubby the smaller pot. I use the small pot all the time.

Then the Jane Austen fad happened. My daughter, who was only in the ninth grade at the time, and I would make a point to sit down every afternoon and have "teatime" together. I would brew a pot, pull out the china and put some goodies on a plate. It was a very special time for us. The beautiful teaspoons have been gifts from her through the years (and her sister I might add!).

A few years ago I was introduced to PG Tips by an English friend. She told me it was the "Lipton" tea of England. She had a cousin who kept her supplied with it. It is now my favorite tea. I have always brewed it using loose tea until this year. When a friend of mine told me it came in tea-bag form, I bought an electric tea kettle and brew it the quick and easy way. I do enjoy brewing a pot now and again the old-fashioned way though!