Yippee! SP8 Package!

My SP8 Pal just sent me another fabulous package! She is so intuitive and has cleverly picked up on my 'nesting' urges this summer. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I wanted to do some knitting for my home and she, picking up on that, has sent me some very lovely velour yarn. The color is a perfect complement to my couch. SP8 mentioned a pillow pattern by Nicky
Epstein from Vogue that would look nice. I don't have that particular Vogue but maybe my SP8 can copy it from her issue and mail it (hint..hint). I did get online and have already located a pillow pattern that uses this yarn that will work nicely but I am very curious to see the Epstein pattern.

My pal also included a really neat book called Knitting Tips and Trade Secrets that is a compendium of clever and creative techniques for solving common hand knitting problems. I think this book is really going to give me some new ideas. I've already done my initial 'scan read' and am ready to really dive into it in greater detail. I have already implemented the IMPROVING YOUR SSK STITCH technique and it works much better. Here it is for you to try and then YOU can hope your SP8 gives you this same book..LOL

Instead of slipping the two stitches as if to knit, slip the first stitch as if to knit and the second as if to purl. Insert the left hand needle to the front of both slipped sts and knit them together as usual.

This was a much smoother decrease....give it a try!

THANK YOU SP8.................you are the greatest!