Trekking at the Fossil Beds

Come trek with me at the Florissant Fossil Beds a National Monument three miles down the road from my house!

It was a beautiful afternoon with the temperatures in the upper 70's and probably zero humidity. Elevation 8,400 ft. No Fossil Collecting.

DH and I first stopped at the Visitor Center to buy our yearly park pass so we can hike here as much as we like.

Our next stop was to ponder the petrified sequoia trees. It's hard to imagine that this valley was once a primeval forest! Amazing! This past year the park service built these nice roofs to go over the trees.

We then hiked the Boulder Creek Loop. It was three miles long. The wetlands are not wet lands this year and the creek was almost dried up....scary....we really need RAIN!

There is DH way ahead of me. I think he forgot I had to take some trekking pictures :-)

He usually is the TRAILBLAZER!

Who is the crazy lady knitting? What is she knitting you ask? Socks of course! What kind of socks? TREKKING SOCKS!