Weekend News

It is always nice to have a productive weekend of knitting and I just had one. Much of my productivity was because DH and I drove up to Denver to see our oldest daughter Saturday afternoon. She was in town for a one of her Engineering fraternities' convention and had a break Saturday afternoon. It was hard having her so close to home yet not able to actually come home but at least I didn't have to wait until Thanksgiving to see her!

We spent part of the afternoon at Shuttles, Spindles and Skein as she loves to knit, too. I think I mentioned this store a couple weeks ago. I was hoping to match a Koigu dye lot I had but had no such luck. I was a "good girl" and only bought some more 2.25mm Crystal Palace dpns -- my favorite size, my favorite needle and my favorite length (6"). I also picked up an adorable Mountain Colors Bearfoot pattern for a baby hat and socks.

On the drive up and back I worked on hubbys modified Gentleman's Railway Socks in the Step Austermann yarn. They are now finished which frees me up to tackle my three Bush KAL's. He really likes the yarn. In fact, he thinks they may be softer than the Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn which we both think is the softest of all. I'm giving this yarn a thumb's up.

I spent Sunday afternoon watching old movies and working on MY FIRST TOE UPS. I am disciplining myself to knit both socks at the same time to eliminate that second sock syndrom. With all these KALs going on, it is easy for me to get overwhelmed if I have more than a couple wip on the needles. So here, I present to you, my very first toe-up socks that are now ready for their HEELS. I like the STR yarn. The stockinette stitch is not very exciting but it is mindless so I can 'multi-task' as I knit. These seem looser than I like them but that is probably because they are not ribbed so I'm definitely leaning towards a ribbed cuff.