Unravel Last 5 Stitches?

These words strike fear in my knitter's heart, "Unravel last 5 stitches".

Fifty-one inches of lovely Saxon Braid are finished and ready for "unraveling" and I'm biting my nails in anticipation. I wonder just how many days will pass before I summon up enough courage to unravel!

This is my Mom's Christmas scarf. It is the scarf that is on the cover of Nicky Epstein's book called, Knitting on the Edge. Soon it will have long lovely loop fringe along the edge of it. My greatest fear is that I will start unraveling and the whole scarf will come unraveled. Or, that the unraveling will work until I get to the one row where I forgot to K1 tbl. Oh my!

The scarf took much longer to knit than I thought it would. The yarn is a yummy Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky Aran. It is so very, very soft! And, who can resist RED?

Hopefully, I will be posting a successful "aftershot" photo in a few days.

Keeping my fingers crossed...................