First Corrugated Rib

I finished my very first corrugated rib tonight and it was so much fun! My Mom gave me the yarn last Christmas for the Nordic Mittens in the 2004 Interweave Knits magazine. I have long wanted to knit these mittens. These Nordic Mittens are designed by Beth Brown-Reinsel.

The colors are much prettier in real life than these pictures show. The yarn is Brown Sheep's Naturespun Sport.

My ribs seem to be narrower than the picture in the magazine and I am hoping this is not an indication that my gauge is too tight. I'm not overly concerned because I have "smallish" hands. I didn't knit a gauge swatch but am going off the gauge on some socks I once knit with Naturespun yarn.

Now..a question for my fair isle blogging buddies..............how are the floats looking? Are they too tight? This is my first "stranding" project and I am so fortunate to have you guys to mentor me through this!

BTW, don't tell Lolly that I'm not knitting socks.....LOL