FLAK - Part 5 Completed

The reason for my silence on Blogger? My laptop has died. The screen is no longer whiting out, the mouse is no longer getting hung up, it simply went black and died. So, I am back on the archaic computer in our study that is as sloooooooow as molasses. It simply does not inspire me to blog. The laptop will be shipped once again to Compaq.

On the knitting front, I have finished Part 5, the front, of my FLAK. I modified the sleeve length twice, starting with 8" and ending with 9-1/2". After reading the FLAK message board, studying Aran sweaters in books and finally, seeing that the FLAK sleeve length poll had the most popular length being 9", I settled with 9-1/2. After all, I would rather it be slightly loose than too snug. After adding additional rows to the FRONT, I had to turn the sweater around and add the same rows to the BACK. These were my before-learning-how-to-ladder-down rows and I ended up spending a few more days fixing incorrect cables. Some were too far down to fix. Too far in my opinion at least......this sweater is a learning project for me.

This cable spaying of my two wave cables on the front neck is of concern to me. Several knitters have posted on the FLAK message board that it will be fine when the neck stitches are picked up. I hope that holds true to my sweater!