Serving Up Alcea

I'm serving up ALCEA this afternoon but, unfortunately, that is all I will get - just a "serving". I received my lovely Alcea kit today but it was missing two skeins of Jamieson Spindrift Midnight which is the foundational color for the corrugated ribbing. So, as one of my daughter's used to say when she hit a wrong note in her piano recitals, "OOPSIES!"

If I'm brave of heart, I just might start the dreaded gauge swatch without it. But then again, I have many other projects to keep me busy until the missing yarn arrives:


This cabled beanie hat is for my baby girl who is no-longer-a-teenager. I just have a couple weeks to finish this belated birthday gift. I will be rendezvousing with my daughters at the grandparent's house for Thanksgiving.

Shedir is a little more complicated than I had anticipated. It has already been in the frog pond a couple times. I think I'm getting the hang of the pattern now and it should go a little faster.

I really like the Jaegar Matchmaker DK yarn. It's very soft.

FLAK Progress:

Cruising down the front to the armhole depth. I'm definitely in the swing of these cables. This is so much easier than St. Brigid. BTW, if this yarn looks like the St. Brigid yarn to you then your eyes have not deceived you. St. Brigid is no more. Well, actually, what has been knit will become a pillow for the couch. I'm not about to rip out all my hard work! I decided St. Brigid was just too boxy for me - almost like a suit of armor. I didn't think it would be very flattering on my form.

Nordic Fair Isle Mittens

Last, but not least, are my fair isle mittens.....my first adventure in fair isle knitting!

Knitting with two hands is becoming more comfortable. I'm a little disappointed in the color variations in this mitten though. The fana star is just not standing out as much as I would like - not enough contrast or something. I'm just about to start the fingertip decreases and the "thumb" is looming around the corner intimidating me.