Advent Logs

Step 1. Take one log and drill 5 holes in it for 5 candles.

Step 2. Wrap log in chicken wire stapling wire to the bottom of the log.

Step 3. Hot glue a piece of felt to the bottom of log.

Step 4. Gather pine boughs and juniper berries.

Living in the Rocky Mountains does have advantages to this step!

Step 5. Add a few more logs for your friends. The more the merrier!

Did you know that evergreens don't have any scent until you start handling the bark?

This room did not smell like pine until we started working on our logs.

Step 6. Add some Chocolate Decadence for good measure.

You know how we women need our chocolate!

It helps to have a professional baker in your midst, too.

Step 7. Start stuffing the boughs in the chicken wire.

Step 8. Add a few holly berries and a bow.

Step 9. Add some pine cones.

10. And voila! You have a beautiful Advent Log!