Winter WIP Work-Off

My MARA Yahoo Group has issued a challenge:

Title: Winter WIP-It Work-Off!

Date: Wednesday December 6, 2006

Time: All Day

Repeats: This event does not repeat.

Location: Everywhere!

Description: Kick off for WWW challenge, post what you've picked to work on and where you are on it at this point. Also, how much farther until it's finished.
So without further ado, tomorrow I will finish, yes I will finish, three WIP that are in my knitting basket. It will be wonderful to cross them off my list and get them out of the basket. Of course, two of them will need mates but that will have to happen in January.
1. Nordic Mittens will get a thumb.
2. Socks that Rock will get a toe.
3. Ballband Dishcloth will be finished.
No pictures until tomorrow evening!