Winter Workoff Results

The Day of the Winter Workoff WIP has arrived!

I started out my day doing my standard chores following the knitter's method. My friends think this method is hilarious but I suspect a few of you follow this same method!

The method: Knit two rows, do a chore, knit two rows, do a chore, knit two rows, do a chore....etc. etc. until all chores are completed. I keep pointing out to my friends that I do not knit just anything whilst doing chores - I ONLY knit dishcloths!

So, the day of the challenge began as normal for me. I finished my "Flipper File Chore Chart" and one Ballband Dishcloth almost simultaneously. One more dishcloth for the dishcloth drawer and a pretty clean house which gave me "permission" to tackle my other WIP.

Challenge # 1 Completed

Shortly after lunch, I picked up my SOCKS THAT ROCK socks that have been tucked away in a knitting bag for several weeks patiently waiting for a toe. I love this yarn! This yarn was gifted to me by Brenda, my One Skein spoiler.

I discovered that they actually needed more than a toe - they needed added length in addition to a toe.

Challenge #2 - Completed

The pattern: Simply Spendid Socks
Pattern source: Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet
Needle Size: 2.5mm Addi Natura
Yarn: Socks That Rock in Farmhouse colorway

Challenge #3 - Postponed

I think that this will be it for my challenge day. When I decided on the WIP that I would complete today, I forgot that I would be out tonight and not able to knit.

I really like this idea of working on projects that need just a little shove to being finished. I just might have to make Wednesday's a weekly WIP Workout!