Topsy Turvy Hectic Life

Whew! The last three weeks have been topsy-turvy-hectic for me. I'm sorely missing my blogging world and the world of knitting! Why has my life been so hectic?

A young man has come to live with us until May. This young man is my twelve year old nephew, Zach. Over Christmas his evil stepmother gave my brother an ultimatum - choose between her or his son, my nephew. After battling for years to get my nephew away from his mental-case-drug-addicted-birth-mother, my brother finally won custody. It seems that the evil step-mother (who supported my brother throughout the custody battle) has had second thoughts about adding an addition to her family. The story is very sad and I won't say anything else about it other than my nephew is the sweetest kid and I don't see how anyone can be as cruel to him as his stepmother has been. If it were up to me I would send HER back to Brazil on the first ship out.

Topsy turvy, yes. That hardly begins to describe the adjustment of going from an empty-nest to homeschooling a BOY who has lots of "gaps" in his education and wants to spend time visiting instead of working :-)Zach a man after my own heart though! He quickly became fascinated with knitting and wanted to learn how to do it. I let him try on my partially finished Socks That Rock and he wanted them so badly that I could not resist. Afterall, when can a knitter ever resist gifting socks when the recipient goes on and on about how beautiful the colors are, how soft they are, how they fit so perfectly and are warm.........

Young man wore ONE sock all week until I finished the second one. As a matter of fact, as we drove to church on the day it was finished I was suddenly gripped with the thought that he had probably not changed into a normal pair of socks for church. When I asked what he had on his feet he held up one impressive Socks That Rock foot and then his other foot with a plain white sock! How funny!

I hereby claim these SOCKS THAT ROCK socks as a completed project for the:

The completed pair:

Yarn: Socks That Rock

Color: Farmhouse

Needle Size: 2.5mm

Pattern: Simply Simple Socks from Cool Socks, Warm Feet