Irish Hiking Scarf Goes On and On

I'm still knitting away on the Irish Hiking Scarf and I am beginning to think it is the scarf that will never end! I'm so ready to move on to another project!

My nephew works faster if I sit with him at the table. I would NEVER do this with my girls but since he is a little pokey with his schoolwork, and I don't want school to last until 4:30 every day, I have decided to sit and knit as he works. The problem? He is more interested in the details of how a cable is knit than he is in the quotient of a division problem! So, I'm not too sure my 'knitting along with school' idea is going to work.

I actually envisioned finishing this scarf today but then dear nephew reminded me that most people wrap scarfs around their necks instead of just letting them hang loose. Grrrrrrr.....another foot or two to go!