Spey Valley Socks Finished

At last, at last I have finished a pair of socks! Focusing on two projects at a time (instead of 8) does have some merits afterall. I'm eleven days late finishing my SPEY VALLEY socks for the Knitting On The Road knitalong but they are done at last.

The Spey Valley runs throught the center of Scotland. The water in this valley is famous for making scotch whisky and there are distilleries everywhere. Here is a picture I found on the internet. Scotland is one of the countries I would dearly love to visit someday. Maybe it has something to do with the Sean Connery's Scottish drawl or, most likely, my genealogical roots.

The lateral braids around the sock leg reminded Nancy Bush, the designer, of the rings around a barrel or whiskey cask .... and so a sock gets its name. This Vikkel Braid gave me knitting fits! Pat came to my rescue and walked me through the braid. Thanks, Pat!

I used the same yarn the pattern specified, St. Ives. I had it in my STASH! The socks were knit on 2.0mm needles. The tightness of the cuff concerned me initially and I toyed with frogging but instead switched to a 2.25 mm needle at the heel flap. I've decided that these are the best fitting socks I have. I may just have to make a 2.0mm needle my standard needle size!
And, speaking of PAT...... her blog can be dangerous for obsessive compulsive knitters. Go visit her site to read about the "mystery socks" she is knitting!