The Mystery is Revealed....

The package was marked with the bold words, 'The Mystery is Revealed.....' and the return address was from my Sockret Pal.

My Sockerina has been the best pal! Every package has been very special and with this last one I was overwhelmed with her generosity. I was really only expecting to receive socks but Sockerina far exceeded any expectations I may have had.

There, of course, were tasty goodies which are always very tempting. YARN - yarn for dishcloths, yarn for socks and yarn for the Fetching mittens that have LONG been on my list to knit! There were Chibi's for seaming and a book by the Yarn Harlot for reading in the tub. And, best of all, a gorgeous pair of Fancy Silk Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks which made me chuckle out loud. WOW!
I was actually hunting for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino last weekend when I fell off the wagon but my LYS didn't have any. Fetching will be cast on as soon as I finish Shedir! The color is perfect as it will go with everything. The Cascade yarn will fit right in with the Cascade Ankle Sock KAL or I might give this pattern a try. I chuckled when I saw the Fancy Silk Socks because I have tried FOUR times to knit these with no success! Now I don't have to! THANK-YOU Sockerina! They are beautiful and you did a fabulous job on them! Also, thank you for all the sweet little notes attached to each item. You are a sweetie!