Project Spectrum

Pink, Green, Yellow Some of my favorite colors!

Let me see..............do I have any of these colors in my stash?
Artful Yarns Merino Sock Yarn - Little Child's Sock, perhaps?
Hand-painted Lime Sport Yarn - Hocrux socks??
Sugar and Cream Yarn - Ballband Discloths!
And do you remember Alice Starmore St. Bridget? Last September I said I was going to make her into a pillow. I'm so glad I didn't! I've learned to put projects away when I am tired of them and then I will eventually miss them enouh to pull them out again! I think I will work on St. Bridget during this stretch of Project Spectrum. I think she qualifies since she is green.
When I spotted this lovely pink and green quilted paisley at Walmart, I knew she was destined to become my new dpn needle holder! It is time I made another. Who knows, maybe I will make one for every Project Spectrum color change.
So how about you? What is on your needles for Project Spectrum?