Sirdal Saga Begins

A few weeks ago I mentioned that when I was in the LYS I noticed a child's SIRDAL sweater hanging on display. This being the very sweater I had selected for the Dale of North America Challenge filled me with fire anew to knit this lovely handiwork. I was further inspired when I noticed that the shop had a Norwegian guru, a man, who would be willing to mentor me along the path for a nominal fee. Since I obviously needed help getting me beyond the purchasing of yarn, I reserved a spot with the guru.

Yesterday was my first meeting with this most enthusiastic instructor. I had envisioned him being an older, sophisticated, meticulously groomed gentleman. Nothing could have prepared me for the surprise I had when I walked into the classroom and beheld a young man sitting at the table repairing a snagged Dale of Norway sweater under an Ott lamp. He was anything but refined and sophisticated! He looked like a throw-back of the sixties! He had a bandana on his head and sat at the table barefoot....did I mention his toenails were painted blue? It was all I could do to stifle an audible laugh. So much for stereotypes!

I quickly discovered that this guru did indeed have a vast wealth of fair isle experience. My time with him was most rewarding. His easy, relaxed style of teaching (how could you not be relaxed if you are barefoot?) encouraged me to become less stressed about pursuing this Sirdal goal. We walked through the pattern and he gave me several other options than what the pattern had. He helped me think outside of the box. He helped me to realize that this is MY sweater and I can knit it the way that works best for ME!

I had worked the hem of the body before attending the class to get a head start. The guru encouraged me to start with the sleeves instead. I had long heard that this is the best way to get your gauge correct before launching into the 300 sts of the body--less ripping out. However, in addition to this logic, the guru shared that this also helps you determine how deep to knit the sleeves on the body. So, it is not just about gauge.

I'm excited and feeling confident. Sleeves..............here I come!

P.S. Did I mention he was barefoot?
Spelling corrected for TWIG who suggested my spelling error indicated that my guru was a MOUNTAIN man indeed!