Weekend Knitting

I Finished my first Monkey Sock for the Swap this weekend. I cannot get a true representation of the colors no matter which light I put the sock in. So, you will just have to use your imagination and pretend you are basking on the beach in a tropical Carribean paradise!

I pulled an old friend out of her basket this weekend thanks to the encouragement of my daughter. ALCEA has been sitting in a basket waiting for me to decide if I wanted to frog her and make a pullover instead of a cardigan. Do you remember her encounter with the dogs last summer?

I'm still a wee bit skiddish about modifying this pattern to a cardigan. Especially since I have never knit a cardigan before! DD thought I was nuts to even consider frogging this sweater. She reminded me of all the many hours I've invested already. So, I pulled ALCEA out and remembered how much fun she is to knit. I'm almost done with the first 48 row repeat.

And speaking of my daughter Jennifer, I just have to post a picture of her very first pair of socks. She received Sensational Socks for her birthday along with some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn and dpns , from her MUM of course!).

Look Mum! No gusset holes!