Mediterranean Cruise ~ Day 1

It took six days to cross the Atlantic Ocean by ship and twenty-four hours to cross it by plane. I'm home from my relaxing cruise suffering from serious jet-lag. Crossing nine time zones is rough on the body no matter what side of the Atlantic you do it on.

I want to share my adventure with you this next week through photo mosaics. I decided this would be the least boring way for some of you who do not want to be inundated by countless photographs. I took over a thousand photographs on this trip!

If you click the links under the mosaic the photograph will be enlarged and you can read my comments about the photograph.
1. Ft. Lauderdale Airport, 2. Last Arrivals, 3. Plane Knitting, 4. Lido 311, 5. Where is the food?, 6. Destination Europe Sailaway Party, 7. Bon Voyage Drink, 8. Bon Voyage Drink, 9. Sail Away! Sail Away!, 10. Leaving Port Everglades, 11. Muster Station, 12. Lido Deck Sanctuary Area, 13. Seafood Extravaganda Buffet, 14. Piazza Staircase, 15. Lido Deck

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