Fruit Hats on Display

I was able to rendezvous with my niece and her munchkins just before I flew back to Colorado. She brought the Fruit Hat Trio I blogged about recently so I could see them modeled on her adorable children. Now when my girls were this age I could not get them to keep hats on for anything. But these little Tennessee tots were wearing them in soaring summer temperatures at about 97% humidity. Amazing!

The baby's was by far the cutest. There is just something about babies wearing hats that is adorable, right? Let me introduce Savannah to you in her sweet little fruit hat. Of course, as you can see, one photo was not enough for me with this cutie!

The middle tot is named Isaac and he probably is going to be the smart one with his big noggin. His hat is a bit small so I will need to knit a larger one for him. He was too busy to pose for this camera nonsense but didn't mind wearing a 100% wool hat in the summertime!

Last, but not least, is their big sister Sierra. She was busy chattering as little girls do but stopped every time I said, "Smile, Sierra" ------

We were only able to visit for a few minutes before Don and I had to scoot to the airport. During that time Katie told me about a LYS several times saying that the next time I came through Knoxville we would have to go there together. Her friend's mother owned the shop. I thought it cute that she kept on about it but kept reminding her that Knoxville was a long way from Colorado and is was unlikely I would be coming there very often. And then, as I was boarding the plane, it suddenly dawned on me that I have a MARRIED daughter living permanently in Tennessee and this would be the airport that I would always be flying in to when I visited her.
So....Katie.....if you read this post......I look forward to visiting that yarn shop with you on a future visit :-)