A New Family Begins

I'm home from the most beautiful wedding I have ever witnessed! I know, I know, I am the mother-of-the-bride so I might be a tad biased. But, with two engineers getting married and the detailed Excel sheets they made timing every minute detail, the wedding truly was flawless. The joy I experienced as I witnessed my daughter getting married was the same joy I felt on the day she was born. I was given a few candid shots today and I am going to share them with you for what woman does not enjoy a wedding story? For a little twist I have decided to tell you about the things that I felt were unique for their wedding....just a little personal touch.

For starters, with two engineers there must be a master plan, right? Teams were designated with heads assigned to each team - Team Bride, Team Groom, Team Usher etc. The maid of honor was my daughter, Allison. Her main responsibility was to help the bride. When I asked what that entailed she informed me that her biggest task was to , umm, help the bride go potty. The head of the bridesmaid team and the head of the groomsmen team had responsibilities to keep the bride and groom from seeing each other because the bride's attire was to be a complete surprise, especially since she wore red shoes on her feet. They were on their cell phones constantly to each other to ensure that a chance encounter would not happen.

As the bridesmaid's were having their hair styled the ones waiting to do so had fun playing Guitar Hero, including the bride. Rock it, Jen-Jen!

Jennifer attached my bridal veil underneath the bustle of her dress to honor me. She pinned her deceased grandmother's wedding band and a ring of her deceased aunt to her slip in their memory. She sewed tiny blue buttons from a shirt she wore on her first date with Bob onto her slip for her "something blue".

Time to put on the gloves and get the show on the road!The bridesmaids's piled into their limo (see my two pretty girls at the back?) and departed. The groom's limo showed up 15 minutes later for the groomsmen. Oh...and the parents left 15 minutes before the bride (Excel sheet, remember?)

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see all the professional pictures. My brother took these..............

The reception was lots of fun, the toasts were touching and the music was lovely. I think the toasting might have begun earlier when the wedding party rode in a limo together to the reception hall. There was a cocktail party while the wedding party took their post ceremony pictures. I enjoyed visiting with friends and family that I had not seen in a while and resting my tired feet before the dancing commenced.

I held up pretty well emotionally until my husband and our daughter danced together after she had danced with her groom. The tissues came out of the purse then! Jennifer kept laying her head on her Daddy's shoulder and he kept whispering in her ear. They have enjoyed a wonderful father-daughter relationship and he had been the only man in her life until Bob came in pursuit. Here they are dancing the father-bride dance.

And then, before we knew it, our little girl ran out with her groom as rose petals fell down all around them. They drove away with one final smile and wave of the hand. No one knows where they have gone on their honeymoon. We have decided the groom thought it would be a wonderful icebreaker amist the guests. If that is true then he was indeed correct in his thinking because it had tongues a-waggin!

And for all you mothers of little girls who might already be telling you what they want in their weddings, I once had a little girl who told me she would have M-n-M's at her wedding with her name printed on them along with her husband's name...............