Autumn Sweater Progress

As I said in my last post, when the quaking aspen start turning gold I am put in a 'twists and turns' cable mood. Growing weary of knitting teensy cables on size zero needles, I gave the Marilinda sock a break this weekend and pulled out an old friend, St. Brigid.

I worked on her knotwork paneled back yesterday and have fallen in love with this Alice Starmore pattern all over again. This sweater echoes Celtic, doesn't it? I really do need to rotate this sweater in to my WIP knitting schedule because I don't want to frog her come December 31, 2008. Remember, my goal is to have NO WIPS on the needles December 31st....or else...rippit, rippit, rippit.

I need to play with my camera a bit to get better shots of St. Brigid for the following photograph is a more accurate rendition of the color than the one above. This olive color is one of my favorite colors. It is very rich and not at all dull-looking like the earlier photograph.

I bought Celtic buttons for my Must Have Cardigan in hopes of inspiration to finish it. I'm not quite sure why I have lost steam on this one. I just have the sleeves and button band left to knit. It looks a little small to me and maybe I'm not up to a snug sweater since I've been cooking more since my daughter has been home. Not that I don't cook when she isn't here but I'm not tempted to indulge in the food that pleases my husband's taste buds.

That being said, I WILL finish this sweater! I will! I will! Please encourage me to finish this sweater!