Autumn is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. Although I am not really a morning person, I enjoy rising earlier to watch the sun rise in the east over Pikes Peak. And then as the sun gradually reaches my property, I enjoy seeing the colors of the grass come to life.
The colors are so glorious during Autumn, one final huzzah before the snow starts to fly. It won't be long now. Our thermometer is dipping into the thirties at night and there is snow on Pikes Peak. The aspen are starting to turn and I hope to show you pictures soon.
When autumn comes my hands itch to knit patterns rich in cables. I don't know why that is but it happens to me every year. I knew this September would be no different and that is why I chose the Marilinda sock for the Ravelry September Socktown challenge.

The burnt orange color is a perfect Fall colorway. Some people like the colors of spring but the rich golds, browns and oranges of fall are my color preferences.

And isn't it pretty cool the way the pattern continues down the heel on this sock? Cookie A. is brilliant!