Awards and Nominations

Cheryl, my Knitting Knut friend has given me an award. It is always an honor to be thought of in this way, especially when I feel that there is nothing special about my blogging abilities. Thanks, Cheryl!

I have gotten to know many of you these past years and feel blessed in many ways to have you in my life. I love reading all of your blogs!

That being said, I have decided that my nominees will be knitters whose talents simply amaze me every time I read your blogs. These are the knitters that cause me to stop in incredulous wonder. I may wonder how it is humanly possible for your fingers to knit at such speed. Or, I may wonder at the abilities you have to envision a design and translate it into a pattern. Or, I may wonder how your eye is able to look upon an object and photograph it in a way that reveals beauty......

Marina, who is Stranded on Fair Isle, seems to be cranking several sweaters a month. And these are not your average sweaters, they are the beautiful designs of Alice Starmore. Several years ago, when I first started blogging, she advised me to grab every Starmore book I could possibly find. She assured me that they were investments and could bring a pretty penny if I ever wanted to sell them. Little did I know that this would begin my passion to knit ALL the lovely sweaters by this designer. If there is one that captures my eye, sure enough, Marina has already knit it. If fair isle knitting is your thing, go check out her blog for inspiration!

And who amongst you are not followers of Jared, Mr. Brooklyntweed? I am absolutely serious when I say that there is nothing he knits that does not strike passion in my heart to knit the very same thing. He has quite a following these days on Ravelry and his patterns are being published in various knitting magazines. He is the one who introduced me to the incredible Elizabeth Zimmermann. Reading her books has helped me to think outside of the box and be the boss of my knitting!

Tienne has inspired me with her beautiful photography and her incredibly generous heart. I have watched her knit matching socks for her 'guys' and 'girls' multitudes of times. And, her friends and extended family are also blessed with the works of her hands! I can hardly knit the same pattern twice, let alone more than twice in the exact same yarn! Her love of family comes shining through on her blog.

Lolly, of Lolly Knitting Around continues to draw me in with tales of her travels, vegetarian cuisine and knitting. I first was initiated in to her creative Socktoberfest which has continued each autumn. Then, my sense of color was challenged through Project Spectrum. Her love of photography has inspired me to see things through the eye of a photographer rather than just clicking the shutter button haphazardly.

Should my nominees choose to accept their awards they should do so by tagging four other blogs that inspire them. And you, my friends, should link to their blogs straightaway for fresh inspiration!