Alcea ~ Armhole Point

I've been knitting along on Alcea and continue to love the design and colors. A good soak and some blocking will smooth out the stitches and make the colors pop a little more but that won't be until I'm finished.

At 6" per repeat, two complete repeats of the 48 row pattern chart gets me to the underarm point where I need to begin shaping the armholes. The rib is 3" and the body thusfar is 12".

I think I will do one more full repeat and then knit rows 1-26 to get me to the shoulder. That should be the right stopping point so that the shoulder seam motif won't look wonky. I don't know if I've mentioned this but the pattern is actually a pullover and I am converting it into a cardigan.

Now it is time to do some underarm shaping as I make my way up to the shoulder. And then there is that armhole steeking that I have never done......I'm a little nervous about that. Do any of you have any tips??