Colorado Living

I spend a large amount of time sitting at my desk overlooking my 'bird' garden. I have a 'birds-eye' view of all the activity that goes on here and find myself mesmerized by these winged creatures. I love watching them splash around in the birdbath. I love watching them toss seed down on the ground from the birdfeeder to their little ones. I love listening to their chirping, twittering and squawking.I've been going through prodigious amounts of birdseed lately and have been refilling my feeders almost every day. I've blamed it on the chipmunks who, although adorable, are a major nuisance. Then I thought that, perhaps, the Stellar Jays had huge appetites being larger birds.
But I discovered the real culprit this afternoon when I looked up and found myself eye to eye with a mule tail deer. This picture was not taken with a zoom lens, this is the actual distance from the deer. Now deer are not an uncommon site on my property. There are typically a dozen grazing around every day but, what surprised my on this day, was what this particular deer was very curious about watching me!
Then she brazenly started sniffing the birdfeeder. What nerve!

Well, I guess if she is hungry enough to eat birdfeed I will just have to let her nibble away. Actually, I'm not so kind. I opened my window and told her to leave.